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Alex DeBry

Retail Specialist

Alex is a dedicated professional who initially joined Situs Retail Group in 2016, bringing with him a passion for the retail industry. He earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from Westminster College in 2020, equipping him with a solid foundation in financial principles.

Following his graduation, Alex pursued his love for golf and spent two years playing professionally in Phoenix, AZ. The experience of competing at an elite level taught him invaluable lessons in discipline and resilience. However, his commitment to the real estate field drew him back to Situs Retail Group in 2022, where he resumed his career with renewed enthusiasm.

Over the past year, Alex has showcased his expertise in tenant representation, skillfully advocating for a diverse portfolio of clients. Notably, he has successfully represented prominent tenants such as Dollar Tree, Discount Tire, and Cold Beers and Cheeseburgers. His ability to understand client needs and negotiate favorable terms has consistently exceeded expectations.

In addition to tenant representation, Alex has demonstrated proficiency in facilitating high-value investment property transactions. In his first year, he expertly guided both buyers and sellers through complex processes, resulting in successful deals with total transaction values exceeding $10 million.

Alex’s success can be attributed to his strong financial acumen, strategic thinking, and a dedication to delivering exceptional outcomes for his clients. His attention to detail, market insights, and ability to forge strong relationships have made him a trusted advisor in the real estate industry.

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