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S. Douglas Dautel

GIS, Marketing & Research Specialist

Doug has worked in the Marketing, GIS, Research and Graphic Design field for Commercial Real Estate since 1998. Learning advanced techniques in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Graphic Design have given him the ability to provide a new level of market and site analysis in the Commercial Real Estate industry. Helping clients visualize their competition and demographic trends has made the decision making process easier than ever.

Graduating from the University of Utah in 1998 with a degree in Geography and an emphasis on GIS has gained Doug the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver the best services to our clientele.

Utilizing the latest in computer mapping software such as ArcGIS 10 for advanced spatial analytics helps him support the requirements of national retailers. This gives him the ability to complete market evaluations, competition analysis, demographic modeling and more.

Doug is a motivated individual with a habit of understanding the latest technology and a reputation for delivering information accurately and quickly. His developed skills and knowledge have made him an important resource for our team.

Doug also provides custom mapping and graphic design solutions for all Retailers and Landlords plus Real Estate Brokerages outside of Utah. GIS and Graphic Design Services include competition maps, color-coded maps, dot density maps, custom marketing flyers, retailer aerials, Google Earth layers, as well as consulting & training. All services are offered at an hourly rate.

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